12 Easy, Fun DIY Christmas Crafts For Kids

To assemble these cute little things, you’re just gonna take off the lid to your Ro: mason jar, alright, then you’re gonna take your little graham crackers and you’re Ro: gonna break them in half right on the dotted line. Mo: You’re gonna fill half of the bottom with Graham Crackers and the other half Mo: with the Hershey’s Chocolates. Ro: Now we’re gonna add some marshmallows, not gonna play Chubby Bunny today! Mo: What!?! Ro: Yeah. Mo: Come on, what if we have extra! Ro: No you’re so good at it and I’m so bad at that game. Mo: You need practice is what that means! Ro: And now we’re gonna make our little tags!

Yeah we’re corn-balls in this house, we love corny jokes, it’s like a thing. The cornier the better! And I’ll be putting Mo’s links down below, Ro: she’s got an Instagram and a Twitter, so if you want to say hi to my sister you Ro: can go over there and say hi! Mo: That’s right! Ro: Yeah and I just hope you guys have really happy holidays. Ro: Hopefully these DIY gifts inspire you to make your own gifts over the holidays, hope you liked this Fun DIY Christmas Crafts For Kids and happy holidays! Merry Christmas!

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